The Rabbit Folk

are somewhere between a human wearing a rabbit suit and a personified rabbit. The first one on the far left has a perplexed expression while his hands are cuffed behind his back, like he got caught doing stupid human tricks. These are all about stupid human tricks. 

Stay tuned for more along these lines. This species is all about SHTs and wearing the beast within as a second skin without. 

Trixter Rabbit

Carved 2010 or so. 

72" tall 


Bunny the Perve


72" tall


Generic Bunnyman

66" tall


Honey Bunny


Goon Bunny

This guy is hiding in my garden behind a large holly. He is the bogeyman, that disturbing scary monster, perhaps, watching from his own safe vantage. 



Except for Bunny the Perve and Honey Bunny, these are all carved of eastern red cedar and suitable for outside display. The paint is exterior grade latex house paint.