See the Beast

Only 35 cents!

Pay to see the Beast? The figure it chained by a cuff on his vestigial tail to advertise the side show. In his hide are carved regrets, remorse and recriminations. What is the beast? 

This is my first Chainsaw carved piece. 72 inches tall, 2009. 

Feel free to zoom in and read the detail. A very tactile piece that feels alive to the touch.



Blind Justice

Or why is she hiding from the bathroom scales.

Ok so you thought you might get away by not seeing a naked fat lady hiding beneath a bathroom scales on this with, well guess again. This is either about the Supreme Court's Ruling on Citizens United or a comment on the American diet. Have it your way.  NFS

​Carved about 2009, Black Walnut, house paint, 52" tall.