Slug Boy

See what happens when you spend too much time on the couch and don't get any exercise?

He is carved of black walnut, 52" tall


Eve The Ideal Industrial Dairy Cow

I live near a dairy. Dairy cows seem to be very good at 

three things, eating, producing milk and cow plop. We humans are good at manipulating cows to be better at those things. Eve is another step on converting grass to milk. 

This piece is in part ode to Michael Pollan. Another sculpture dedicated to The Omnivore's Dilemma. 

Man Marks Himself

The title is a riff on a book by V Gordon Childes, "Man Makes Himself" in this case a Little Abner-like character is attempting to draw his face on the blank pallet that makes his head. 


Mr Pickle

Sometimes a pickle is just a pickle, and Mr Pickle is too. He is 6' tall and just as happy as you would expect from a 6 foot tall pickle. He now resides at Route 11 Potato Chips in Mt. Jackson, Va. They make the best Dill Pickle Potato Chips ever.