Bad day

Ok a bad day brings out the rants. Chainsaw carving is a rural/suburban folk art form. Its kind of like punk rock...appreciated by college kids, but practiced in its true form by the kids who can't go to post high school classes. 

  In this I am kind of a poser, but most of the genuine country carvers carve crap. They carve the same thing over and over again for the only reason that bears can sell...and its a copy of some other crappy carvers crappy copy of a bear. 

The dog on my lap isn't mine!

Feb, 28, 2014

That's me and that is Max. He belongs to my parents. Can't you tell he's in distress? Jasper, on the right hand of your screen is mine. That's his natural habitat, the seat of my (his) pickup. 

Enough about dogs, and more about why I make the stuff I make. IMHO art is a parallel universe to life. A hermenutical model we hold up to examine where our culture happens to be, value and find interesting at the moment. Often times its a reaction against those values. 

In the brief time that I have been showing this work, I have come to the realization that we seldom trust to name the things before our eyes. 

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