Some of what I do... 

I carve architectural elements from theme parks that never existed, but you have your own ticket to ride the sites and sit the rides. You have permission to let your imagination wander and park your self wherever you may. 

From left to right, the chairs are based on the idea of putting your butt in danger. Fraidy Dance can always find something disturbing. Bunny the Perve leers. Slug Boy needs to get out from in front of the tube, put down the snacks and get some exercise while Man Marks himself pays tribute to V.Gordon Childes and Little Abner at the same time.  

So my theme park is life. Art is a parallel universe to the real world and what I make is a parallel park. I have always been interested in what I call "Cowboy Gardens". Cowboy Gardens are a vernacular landscape form where someone has organized their landscape and decorated it with objects, curiosities, mementos, that they find significant. The Japanese believe bonasi to be an extension of the gardener who manipulates that plant so I also feel about Cowboy Gardens. I am still working on how this fits in with everything, but some day I hope to figure it out.